Blinq Magazine Arts Spotlight

Nashville artist Jamaal Sheats makes art to last. He discusses his influences, his upcoming gallery showing
and lets us into his studio for an exclusive look at his unique art.

“Give me a quote.” This is what artist Jamaal Sheats said regarding criteria for his commissions. Seeing his work, this is the most direc tion one would want to give him. If you want an accurate depiction, take a photograph. If it’s art that you want, then an idea such as a quote is the most direction this Fisk art grad will need.

Almost seeming unsure how to describe his work, Jamaal cites his fam ily as his greatest influence, along with artists such as Benny Andrews and one of his teachers, Gregg Rid ley. Looking at the copper sheets scattered about the Charlotte Avenue studio, one can almost hear his musician father’s saxophone emanating from the pieces focused on jazz players at work. This is just one of the many themes present in the current pieces along with scenes of lovers dancing around a tree whose “deep roots” symbolize longevity and lasting passion. An umbrella, while comprised of many rods connected in the center, is useless if even one is broken—this man’s art shows unity of purpose and imagery.

His work is often spurred by an inspiration, not even needing preliminary sketches. Other times, there are first sketches, then paintings, followed by an outline of the work directly applied to the copper, aluminum or whatever medium the image will eventually be immortalized into.

It’s been said that writing about art is like dancing about architecture, so, that having been said, this work is on display at Premier Art and Décor on Demonbreun, and he will be having an anniversary show on August 15th. See it for yourself and you will find that words elude you
-Chris Stowe

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